Evelyne (Eve) Coles founded Emergency Management Review in 2009 seeking to make freely accessible peer reviewed research for the Emergency Management community in the United Kingdom and internationally.  Obtaining financial and general support for the Journal was difficult due to the very gap between the academic and practice sides of the Emergency Management field Eve sought to bridge.

Emergency Management Review received early support from both the Emergency Planning Society (EPS) and the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) and the first edition was published in 2012.  Eve maintained publications of the Journal as Owner and Editor until 2015 when support lapsed, and no further editions were released until 2019.

In 2018, the Emergency Management & Resilience Centre at the University of Wolverhampton purchased Emergency Management Review retaining Eve as the Managing Editor until 2021, when sadly she passed away.  Her drive towards sharing knowledge and the challenge that she put to all of us in developing the field of Emergency Management will live on within the pages of Emergency Management Review as it continues to publish peer reviewed articles.

Eve’s pride was in her family, students, and colleagues worldwide.  Her passion and tenacity to drive forward and to educate those within, or aspiring to, the field of Emergency Management leaves a legacy which has effected the lives of so many people.  We will continue to honour her by carrying the baton forward in continuing to advance Emergency Management towards a profession of the highest order.