Building Organisational Resilience Capability: The Development of an Organisational Resilience Framework.

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Aaron Gracey


: leadership, organisational resilience, ORM3, business continuity, governance, risk management, Crisis management


This article discusses the challenges faced by organisations as disruptive events increasingly impact all operating levels. Recent events with Coid-19 pandemic have shown that organisations maintain the foundation of society by building the economy; providing employment, wealth generation, material, services and community spirit. Simultaneously, they have being forced to diversify and innovate to maintain their share of global or local markets, having experienced a cultural shock that has been unprecedented, which has introduced increased risk into the daily operating model. Organisations with a higher level of internal resilience are better poised to mobilise resources, allocate personnel and prioritise key functions, with leadership teams unafraid to make difficult decisions based on intelligence and evidence-based analysis, although there is still a limited understanding of how a resilience framework can benefit the bottom line. Effective leadership, evidence-based decision-making and business intelligence collection and dissemination are critical to success; however, to truly build resilience capability, organisations need to develop a learning organisation mentality, and move the concept of organisational resilience away from technology to become a people-focused strategy. Organisations must change the mentality of using resilience to generate short-term financial gains and instead focus on long-term sustainability.


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