Building a Resilience Profession

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Kevin Pollock, Ph.D
Eve Coles



This paper briefly explores the concept of resilience, the relationship between resilience and civil emergencies, organisational learning from crisis and emergencies as an essential element of resilience and the notion of a resilience profession. It then presents a framework of resilience practice for the United Kingdom (UK) the intention of which is to further develop and improve upon existing practices by embedding resilience competences into the culture and practices of the individuals and organisations that form the collaborative resilience network. It draws heavily on work originally commissioned for the Scottish Government and adapts it for relevance to the whole of the UK.

The framework is evidenced based and mapped against the National Occupational Skills for Civil Emergencies (NOS), The Emergency Planning Society’s Core Competency Framework (CCF) and the Cabinet Office National Resilience Standards (NRS). It will utilise the doctrine and process of Integrated Emergency Management (IEM) to provide a strong foundation and iterative process.

The aim of the Framework is to;

  • create a solid competency framework that will serve all sectors of the resilience profession

  • create a strong foundation for professional development in all sectors of the resilience profession

  • inform development of career pathways and identify professional development opportunities

  • assist with recruitment and retention

  • promote the professionalisation of resilience.


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