The Emergency Management & Resilience Centre at the University of Wolverhampton wish to announce a Call for Papers for the journal, Emergency Management Review. Please feel free to forward this request as you see fit.

Emergency Management Review (EMR) ( is an open access and peer reviewed journal which aims to facilitate an exchange of knowledge in all areas of emergency management, civil protection and resilience between the academic and practitioner communities. It also provides an international forum where broadly defined ‘lessons’ can emerge from many different sources, including commissioned and academic research, field based good practice and experiential case studies.

A key aim of EMR is to encourage academics and practitioners alike, including those new to the field, to publish their ‘works in progress’ and early results from research that can provide ‘actionable knowledge’ that has rigour and demonstrable relevance to practitioners.  This allows a clear contribution to the development of good practice and robust thinking in emergency management/civil protection and resilience. EMR would also welcome submissions from doctoral/research students who wish to publish early research findings.

Similarly, EMR is also seeking to encourage resilience practitioners to publish accounts of good practice, new and innovative ways of delivering effective emergency management and civil protection, and case studies that are relevant, robust and evidence based which can contribute to research in this area and to the developing profession.

With a strong focus on the United Kingdom but open to relevant international input the vision is to build the body of knowledge for the field which is freely accessible to practitioners, researchers and others who may not have been able to access it previously due to financial constraints.

This call for papers includes those covering:

  • Qualitative and quantitative empirical research articles
  • Practitioner perspectives, good practice and case studies
  • Theoretical and conceptual articles
  • Student Papers
  • Literature reviews
  • Articles on emergency management education and learning
  • Methodological advances

Please visit the journal website at where we have provided guidelines for authors and reviewers. Those wishing to submit an article for review and publication in EMR should send extended abstracts of 500 – 1000 words to Eve Coles at or submit completed articles of 3000 – 4000 words through the online submission system. In line with our ethos to make research accessible to the resilience community no cost is associated with submission or publication.

All papers submitted will be double blind peer reviewed and, if accepted, will be included in a forthcoming issue of Emergency Management Review.


Anyone wishing to read the journal can do so by registering on our website, where back issues are available, but if you would also like to be involved in reviewing papers which are submitted then you can also do this at the same time. 

Further information can be found on our website at or at the Emergency Management & Resilience Centre at