About the Journal

Emergency Management Review (EMR) is an open access and peer reviewed journal of the Emergency Management & Resilience Centre at the University of Wolverhampton and is available to access online (at no cost to readers or authors).
Emergency Management Review aims to facilitate an exchange of knowledge in all areas of emergency management, civil protection, business continuity and resilience between the academic and practitioner communities. It also provides an international forum where broadly defined ‘lessons’ can emerge from many different sources, including commissioned and academic research, field/practice based good practice and experiential case studies.
Emergency Management Review covers:
  • Qualitative and quantitative empirical research articles
  • Practitioner perspectives, good practice and case studies
  • Theoretical and conceptual articles
  • Student Papers
  • Literature reviews
  • Articles on emergency management education and learning
  • Methodological advances

A key aim of EMR is to encourage academics and practitioners alike, including those new to the field, to publish their ‘works in progress’ and early results from research that can provide ‘actionable knowledge’ that has rigour and demonstrable relevance to practitioners.  This allows a clear contribution to the development of good practice and robust thinking in emergency management/civil protection.

With a strong focus on the United Kingdom but open to relevant international input the vision is to build the body of knowledge for the field which is freely accessible to practitioners, researchers and others who may not have been able to access it previously due to financial constraints.